March of the Little Goblins -

Illinois Symphony Orchestra (Adam Glaser, conductor). For score/parts rental, contact Adam Glaser at Copyright 1997, Adam Glaser.


No Breathing Room

Copyright 2007 Adam Glaser.


Moment of Truth #1

Copyright 2007 Adam Glaser.


A Little Bit of Your Love (instrumental version)

Copyright 1989 Adam Glaser.


Con Artist

Copyright 1991 Adam Glaser.


I'm Ready

Copyright 2007 Adam Glaser.


Planet 9

Copyright 2007 Adam Glaser.


Pursuit #1

Copyright 2008 Adam Glaser


Who Wants Lentil Soup?

Copyright 2008 Adam Glaser. (Additional mixing by Barry Hartglass.)


The Catamaran is Coming Around

Copyright 2008 Adam Glaser.

All songs composed, arranged, produced, performed, recorded and mixed by Adam Glaser unless otherwise noted. All songs and sound recordings: Copyright 1989 - 2012, Adam Glaser.